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Why Making a Shift to Electric Fireplaces Will be Good in the Long Run

: 25/04/2022 : 0

In 2022, DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs)has brought stricter guidelines for wood-burning stoves and fireplaces. While there is no ban on burning wood, there has been a push for making the practice environmentally sustainable. Also, many people who are using wood-burning stoves and fireplaces are wondering if they would have to change their existing stoves or get them upgraded. 

In all this confusion, many homes across the UK are pivoting towards electric fireplaces. In this blog post, we will discuss in brief what exactly the new DEFRA guidelines say, why switching to electric fireplaces will be good in the long run, and other contributing factors for the same. 

What the New DEFRA Guidelines Say

According to the new guidelines imposed by DERFA in 2022, all new wood burner stoves, as well as multi-fuel stoves, would need to be up to the new standards or ECODESIGN. What is ECODESIGN? It is a new standard set up by the EU for making solid fuel stoves more eco-friendly. 

These guidelines only apply to newly manufactured and sold wood-burning stoves. So, if you already have an old wood-burning stove in your home, you need to worry, you are still allowed to use that. 

Why Go For Electric Fireplaces?

Even though wood burners are not banned in the UK, we can all see that the way to the future is electric. Electric fireplaces are a clean and energy-efficient way of heating our homes that have a very low carbon footprint. 

It also safeguards you from any future policy changes the government may come up with in regards to wood burning or fossil fuels. Below are just a few ways that electric fireplaces may be better for your home.

1. No Smoke to Deal With

Unlike when you use wood-burning fireplaces, you do not have to deal with the smoke. Since electric fireplaces do not burn any fossil fuel, it does not cause any smoke or bad smell in the house. This makes the whole ordeal of using the fireplace more enjoyable. 

2. No Need to Store Firewood


Another advantage of an electric fireplace is not needing to buy and store any firewood. Since everything runs on electricity, you do not need to waste space in your home for storing wood or spend money purchasing firewood. 

3. No Cleanup Required

With a wood-burning fireplace, you have to deal with cleaning up the ash from the fireplace. You may also have to deal with the soot that gets deposited in the chimney of your home. This clean-up can be a hassle for you if you are doing it yourself. Also, if you hire someone to clean all this up, then it is costing you as well. 

4. Takes Less Space

An electric fireplace comparatively takes up less space in your living room or bedroom than a wood-burning fireplace. Since no real wood needs to be placed inside it, it needs less depth in the wall and takes less room. 

5. Easier to Install and Maintain

It is easier for you to install an electric fireplace compared to a traditional wood-burning one. Also, it is easier to maintain as well. Operating it is also very simple and uncomplicated. There is the power cord that you need to plug into power on the fireplace. The rest is pretty intuitive. 

Why Electric Might be A Better Option than Other Fuels


Apart from wood-burning fireplaces, gas stoves and gas-powered fireplaces are also very popular. However, gas pricing has been soaring due to the gas shortage in the market. If you follow the news, then you know that this shortage is caused by the impact on the supply chain caused by the Russia-Ukraine war. 

Many countries have stopped the purchase of gas from Russia to put financial pressure on the country to stop the attack on Ukraine. This has led to an increase in gas prices indirectly. 

If you use a gas-powered fireplace, then you must be feeling the pinch in your monthly expenses. Also, if you are looking to buy a new gas-powered fireplace, it may make you think twice before you make a decision. 

Due to these factors, choosing electric fireplaces seems like a smart idea. Not only is it good for the environment, but for the most part, it is not impacted by any geopolitical factors. 

Choosing Electric Fireplaces from Victorian Fireplaces

We at Victorian Fireplaces offer a wide range of flat wall electric fireplaces. There are so many beautiful models that you can choose from. Some of our best-selling electric fireplaces include the Heritage Bedford Electric Fireplace and the Kingston Heritage Electric Fireplace.

Our electric fireplaces are not just aesthetically pleasing but also offer you convenience and cost-saving. You will not have to worry about the rising gas prices or the smoke emission harming the environment. 

What’s more? We are currently offering great discounts and free delivery. So, be sure to check out our electrical fireplaces today.  


Can’t wait for the products to launch? Would like an exclusive sneak-peek? CALL US TODAY at 01522 246780 Or write to us at and we will be delighted to help you out!!

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How to Clean, Dispose and Recycle Fireplace Ash

: 21/03/2022 : 0

There’s nothing quite like the warmth of fireplace in the cold winter months. Fireplaces are not just good for providing heat, but they also add aesthetic value to any room they are added to. 


There’s nothing quite like the warmth that a fireplace brings to your home. But there’s also nothing quite like the mess you’re left with, especially if you have a wood-burning fireplace. Before you start to worry about the how much ash you’d have to clean, please remember that the cleaner your fireplace is, the better the circulation will be and the more efficient your energy consumption will be!


Well as daunting as this sounds, don’t think you’re alone. We at Victorian Fireplaces are here to help you out. We’ve curated a small list of all ways you can ethically dispose fireplace ash, and some fun ways in which you can recycle the ash!



The right way to dispose Fireplace ash:


Before we tell you to utilize all this gold, we want to make sure that you know exactly how to start off with. 


1.    The first thing you need to do is to make sure that pile of ash has cooled off. Most places on the internet would suggest that you let the ash cool off for about 24 hours, we suggest just to err on the side of caution that you let it cool off for 3-4 days. If you have a wet/dry vacuum, then accompanied with a disposable bag will be a job well done. 


Also, if you are some with indoor place you do want to make sure of keeping that slid covered/closed to get the ashes cooled off.


2.     If you don’t have one of these heavy-duty vacuums, we have a DIY solution for you. After the fireplace ash is completely cold, sprinkle it with damp tea leaves or coffee grounds to cover the smell of stale ash as well as keep the dust down. Then scoop the pile with a fireplace shovel (don’t worry if you leave an inch or two behind), then dump it into metal can, bucket or even and old flowerpot will do.


3.     Another trick to remove the soot from the glass door of your stove is to make a DIY solution. Mix equal parts white vinegar and warm water and pour it into a spray bottle. Take a little bit of the solution on power towel and dip into the fireplace ashes to use as a gentle abrasive. To clean the walls and glass doors, spray onto the surface and wipe clean with microfiber cloth. 


If the ash is stuck to any surfaces and won’t budge, scrape it away with a razor blade. 


4.     If you have smoke stains on your fireplace facing, begin by squirting them with water — it'll keep the cleaning solution from soaking in too fast (this is particularly important with brick). Then dip a brush in a solution of 1/4 cup all-purpose cleaner to 1 gallon water; give spots a quick scrub; rinse with a clean sponge; let dry. 


For marble or other stones, squirt with water, then go over with a soft cloth dipped in mild dishwashing liquid and water. Rinse and wipe dry. One exception: If brick facing is more than 50 years old, it may crumble if you scrub with a cleaner. Just vacuum the surface with your soft-brush attachment.



Reuse & Recycle Fireplace Ash:


1.    Composting: The wood ashes are the rich source of Potassium, the plants favorite mineral and hence can be used for gardening.

a.    Add one cup of powdered wood ash with every 1.5 cup of compost potting mixture. 

b.    Sprinkle the mixture evenly on the ground, this will help your plants stay nourished & healthy for longer period of time.

c.     Wood Ash also helps regulate the PH balance of soil, and gets rid of all those pests that are destroying your garden.

d.    Just make sure to not overdo it, & do implement this method the next time you are looking for gardening tips on internet.


2.    Bleaching Guardian: Yes, you heard it right, a wood ash can also be used as an all-natural bleach for your clothes. So next time when you are doing your laundry make sure to follow these steps and you’ll have your clothes shining in one-go.

a.    To create the mixture, start off by taking 1 proportion of fine powdery wood ash & 4 parts of hot water (you can also use rain water as it’s soft water without any harmful minerals).

b.    Mix it all well and let the ash settle down, you’ll be left with a lucid watery soluble with you.

c.     Now add 1 full cup of natural ash bleach liquid per wash load. Also, use hot water to activate the bleaching properties of liquid.


3.    Magic Glass Cleaner: Lookout your doors are they wanting to be cleaned this time of year. Wondering it takes too many efforts to get one glass door residue cleaned up. Well not anymore, with fireplace ash this will hardly take you a minute to get things cleaned.

a.    Take out your cleaner kit, dip the damp sponge into powdery ash.

b.    Scrub the residue out your way, the dirt will stick to the scrubber & easily come out.

c.     Finally wipe down the leftovers with a clean cloth and you’ll be amazed with your brand-new sparkly glass doors & windows.


4.    Chicken Dust Bath: Do you own a farmhouse or have chickens? Well, then this method is going to save you lots of penny. Owning chickens is hard as you need to get them cleaned from all the lice, parasites, dirt, etc. 

a.    Mix equal proportions of powdered ash with dirt or sand.

b.    Prepare a bath space for your chickens, and get started with this inexpensive mixture to get your birds healthy & mite-free!



Cleaning your fireplace ash or recycling it doesn’t really have to be a big daunting task. It doesn't always require professional cleaners to help you out. Infact, you can do it in an afternoon.


Want to learn more about cleaning your fireplaces the right way, do checkout our previous blog here: A 5 Step Guide to Cleaning Your Fireplace 


We at Victorian Fireplaces are thrilled to announce that we are launching an entirely NEW RANGE of fireplace products!!


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A 5 Step Guide to Cleaning Your Fireplace

: 17/01/2022 : 0
The thought of cleaning your fireplace does not have to leave you in tears! Neither do you need to shell out a whole lot of money to hire a professional cleaning service to come and clean your fireplace. All you need is determination, and a free afternoon.

Cleaning your fireplace once every winter is an absolute must. You need to clean it more often if you use your fireplace more regularly. An excess buildup of creosote – a harmful byproduct of wood combustion which mainly consists of tar – is the leading cause of fireplace insert blaze. In order to protect your home or office from a dangerous chimney fire it is very important that you clean your fireplace insert regularly.

Cleaning a fireplace is a time-consuming job. So, make sure you carve out a couple of hours of from your schedule when you decide to clean your fireplace. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but once you master the technique then it will not seem so cumbersome.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to clean your insert.

1. Prepare the Area Around the Fireplace to Limit the Mess

It is important to keep the area around your fireplace clean. To do this you can use one of the following. Either lay down a plastic tarp around the area before you start cleaning. Or put down several layers of newspapers around the fireplace front.

Now make sure you clear out all your fireplace accessories such as your grates, tools, and wood etc. before you proceed any further.

2. Scoop Out the Ash

If you are someone who maintains their fireplace and gets it cleaned or cleans it regularly then this should you an easy-to-follow step for you. All you need to do is simply vacuum the area in an around the fireplace.

If you have large piles of ash and dirt and dust accumulated in and around your fireplace, then you will need a small shovel to clear out all the debris. The goal of this step is to remove all the debris from around your fireplace that you can.

3. Scrub the Inside of the Fireplace Insert

For this step, you will need a heavy-duty brush. You will need to brush out all the creosote and debris stuck on the inside regions of your fireplace.

Then you’ll need a small wire brush, or a baby bottle brush, or even a toothbrush with a firm grip will do the trick. You’ll use this to remove the dirt and debris from the grate of the insert and the hinges. You can even use a Q-tip to remove the dirt from the tricky parts around the hinges.

Use a vacuum to clean up any remaining dirt from around the fireplace.

4. Clean The Fireplace Insert

If you don’t want to invest in a cleaning solution, or don’t have one handy, then you can easily make one in your house.

DIY Cleaning Solution – You’ll need one gallon of water in a container to begin with. Then add a spoon of dishwashing liquid to this solution. Now mix in half a cup of baking powder to this solution. And you have your own home-made cleaning solution ready!

To clean the fireplace all you now need is a few rags. We say few because depending on how dirty your insert actually is, you might need more than one rag. Take the rag and submerge it in our cleaning solution. Now use this rag to methodically clean all around the vents and grates. Use another rag if the first one doesn’t do the trick.

Keep a tub of clean water and a few clean rags handy. After you’ve cleaned the insert with the cleaning solution, then use the clean water to clean off the remnants of the cleaning solution.

Pro tip: Keep multiple dry and clean rags handy. The dry rags will help you thoroughly clean out all the moisture from the fireplace.

Pro tip: To clean the glass parts of your fireplace, either use a glass cleaning solution or spray some white vinegar on the glass features to get them sparkling clean!!

5. Put your Fireplace Back Together

Once you are done cleaning your entire fireplace, make sure you put everything back in the same place you found it. If you find yourself with more parts than you started with, then just quickly look up on Google to figure out what that might be.

Be sure to wipe off all the moisture from the fireplace parts before you put it all back in.

We at Victorian Fireplaces are thrilled to announce that we are launching an entirely NEW RANGE of fireplace products!!


Can’t wait for the products to launch? Would like an exclusive sneak-peek? CALL US TODAY at 01522 246780 Or write to us at and we will be delighted to help you out!!

DIY Tips & Tricks to Brighten Up your Decorative Fireplace

: 21/12/2021 : 0
“There is no place more delightful than one’s fireplace” - Marcus Jullius Cicera

A fireplace is more than just a hearth, it is the heart of your home. The image of a log burning fireplace is associated with holidays and warmth, mugs of hot cocoa and cozy dinner parties. Fireplaces also add great production value to any home.

If your chimney can’t handle the heat, or you’ve simply outgrown your fireplace, there are still plenty of ways in which you can decorate your non-working fireplace. Here are a few tips to liven up your space!

1. Since your fireplace works as the central point of your living space, you can use this space to showcase your art, or antiques that have been passed down through generations.

2. If you are a booklover or a book collector, this space can serve as a mini bookcase. You can showcase your hardbound book or fill up the mantle with coffee table books. It a good way to spark a conversation.

3. To dress up the top of your fireplace, you can place a vase full of flowers, or an antique looking mirror, or simply put on some family pictures. This will give the space a livelier look.

4. For the inside of your fireplace, dress it up with some logs, or put in an old trunk and dress it up with some books. If you want your fireplace to have a pop of color, then just paint every odd log with bright color. Pro tip: Make sure to clear out any soot from within the fireplace before you put in anything under it!

5. Ready for DIY project? Pick up a fresh can of paint and turn your lazy Saturday afternoon into a fun family project. Painting over your red bricks, or even over your wooden mantle, can give the whole room an instant lift. Try a neutral or a bright hue to dress up your fireplace.

6. Use a stencil! If you are happy with how your fireplace looks, but would like to change the surround, without having to shell out a small fortune, then this is the tip for you. It requires little in the way of supplies and is very easy to do. You can choose literally any pattern to replace your old, boring, fireplace surround.

7. Nothing says cozy like a soft rug underfoot. This is the perfect tip for anyone who likes curling up next to a fireplace, and enjoying a cozy drink, or reading a book.

Not happy with these ideas and would like to replace your mantle or surround? Well, we can help you with that. Head over to and find the surround you’re looking for!

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We are adding almost 1000 new products to our website! From fireside accessories to modern and chic options for fire baskets, to accessories, to an entirely new range of electric fires and radiators!! If you’d like to receive information about these products, or would like to place an early order, just email us at and we would be happy to help you out.

Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a warm and cozy New Year!


: 22/10/2021 : 0
“We no longer build fireplaces for physical warmth. We build them for the warmth of the soul; we build them to dream by, to hope by, to come home by.” - Edna Ferber

The last year and a half have been gruelling for all of us, and after being cooped up inside for so long, I decided to take a short trip. With the lockdown restrictions being lifted, The National Trust opened many of its properties. I decided to visit Petworth House and Park.

Petworth house and garden

Petworth House, situated in Petworth, West Sussex, is a 17th-century mansion set in a 700-acre landscaped deer park. It is famous for hosing an important collection of paintings and sculptures, and the largest herd of fallow deer in England live on the grounds! The artist John Constable famously called Petworth ‘the house of art’, and the National Trust still has its finest collection of pictures and sculptures displayed here. Everywhere you look, from the ceilings to the stairs, everyone who’s anyone in British history appears to be captured in portraits hanging on the walls here. It’s nothing short of impressive.

cieling paintings at the petworth house staircase of petworth house

The Carved Room at Petworth is amongst the finest examples of the grand English Country House interior. Its layered and eclectic giving voice to Petworth’s reputation as “the house of art”. It reflects the patronage, stories, and interests of a family over generations. You can discover Petworth’s rich and varied history on your own or by guided tour. I was in awe as I strolled through the staterooms saturated with paintings by artists such as Van Dyck, Reynolds, Titian, Blake and Turner, as well as the many classical and neo-classical sculptures. What struck a chord with me, were neither the paintings nor the sculptures, it was the fireplaces in Petworth House. The Marble Hall of Petworth was built by the 6th Duke of Somerset in the 1690s as the impressive formal entrance for his new mansion. Apart from some minor work in the early 1900s, the tiles in the room had never been re-laid until recently. In the centre of this hall, lies a magnificent marble Victorian fireplace.

victorian fireplace at petworth house

One of the fireplaces in the Marble Hall at Petworth House.


Petworth was largely the creation of Charles Seymour, 6th duke of Somerset (1662-1748) in the 1680s and 1690s, although it contains the core of an earlier building dating back to the fourteenth century. The West front (completed 1702) and Marble Hall (completed 1692) are thought to be the work of Daniel Marot, a Huguenot architect and designer who worked for William III, because of payments to 'Mr Maro' (1693). The Marble Hall has bolection mouldings around the fireplaces, with stiff-leaf decoration on the mantles and door surrounds. This type of decoration shows a vertical leaf - or feather - form repeated in series.


Fire, enclosed within any kind of architecture becomes domesticated. The fireplace over its history as an element in domesticity hasn’t changed drastically. The birth of the chimney in the early 12th century was and still remains one of modern civilization’s greatest development for the fireplace.

16th century fireplace at petworth house and gardens

The elements of a traditional fireplace are understated and neutral. Typically, a painted wood mantel crowns a natural stone surround. It’s the accessories that shift the fireplace style to various traditional genres. The fireplace depicted above, you’ll notice how the mantel is painted a demure shade of cream, which complements the rich granite surrounding it. It’s a highly polished stone, which adds to the elegant quality of the fireplace. Traditional decorating is also strongly influenced by English and French design, and these fireplaces are no exception. Rather than dominate the space, the hefty piece coordinates nicely with all the architectural elements of the room. What I love about fireplaces now, is the ease of operating them. Gone are the days of the wood-burning fireplace, now we have gas-burning fireplaces that provide all the same comforts but in a more convenient package, and also modern-day log burners.

Paris Cast Iron at

Here at Victorian Fireplaces, we provide a wide range of fireplaces for your every need. Visit our website and find a pre-made fireplace package to suit all your needs. No shipping charges apply.

I digress. No mention of the Petworth House is complete without a picture or two of its grand exterior garden and lake.

petworth house and gardens landscape

On my stroll across the landscape, I also came across the famous Dog of Alcibiades.

Famous Dog of Alcibiades at the Petworth House and Garden

This visit has been an educational one for me. Suffice to say, that this day ended up being the perfect place to spend a Saturday afternoon in. If you have pictures and stories to share, please write to us, at We’ll be happy to feature them on our page.

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