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: 22/10/2021 : 0
“We no longer build fireplaces for physical warmth. We build them for the warmth of the soul; we build them to dream by, to hope by, to come home by.” - Edna Ferber

The last year and a half have been gruelling for all of us, and after being cooped up inside for so long, I decided to take a short trip. With the lockdown restrictions being lifted, The National Trust opened many of its properties. I decided to visit Petworth House and Park.

Petworth house and garden

Petworth House, situated in Petworth, West Sussex, is a 17th-century mansion set in a 700-acre landscaped deer park. It is famous for hosing an important collection of paintings and sculptures, and the largest herd of fallow deer in England live on the grounds! The artist John Constable famously called Petworth ‘the house of art’, and the National Trust still has its finest collection of pictures and sculptures displayed here. Everywhere you look, from the ceilings to the stairs, everyone who’s anyone in British history appears to be captured in portraits hanging on the walls here. It’s nothing short of impressive.

cieling paintings at the petworth house staircase of petworth house

The Carved Room at Petworth is amongst the finest examples of the grand English Country House interior. Its layered and eclectic giving voice to Petworth’s reputation as “the house of art”. It reflects the patronage, stories, and interests of a family over generations. You can discover Petworth’s rich and varied history on your own or by guided tour. I was in awe as I strolled through the staterooms saturated with paintings by artists such as Van Dyck, Reynolds, Titian, Blake and Turner, as well as the many classical and neo-classical sculptures. What struck a chord with me, were neither the paintings nor the sculptures, it was the fireplaces in Petworth House. The Marble Hall of Petworth was built by the 6th Duke of Somerset in the 1690s as the impressive formal entrance for his new mansion. Apart from some minor work in the early 1900s, the tiles in the room had never been re-laid until recently. In the centre of this hall, lies a magnificent marble Victorian fireplace.

victorian fireplace at petworth house

One of the fireplaces in the Marble Hall at Petworth House.


Petworth was largely the creation of Charles Seymour, 6th duke of Somerset (1662-1748) in the 1680s and 1690s, although it contains the core of an earlier building dating back to the fourteenth century. The West front (completed 1702) and Marble Hall (completed 1692) are thought to be the work of Daniel Marot, a Huguenot architect and designer who worked for William III, because of payments to 'Mr Maro' (1693). The Marble Hall has bolection mouldings around the fireplaces, with stiff-leaf decoration on the mantles and door surrounds. This type of decoration shows a vertical leaf - or feather - form repeated in series.


Fire, enclosed within any kind of architecture becomes domesticated. The fireplace over its history as an element in domesticity hasn’t changed drastically. The birth of the chimney in the early 12th century was and still remains one of modern civilization’s greatest development for the fireplace.

16th century fireplace at petworth house and gardens

The elements of a traditional fireplace are understated and neutral. Typically, a painted wood mantel crowns a natural stone surround. It’s the accessories that shift the fireplace style to various traditional genres. The fireplace depicted above, you’ll notice how the mantel is painted a demure shade of cream, which complements the rich granite surrounding it. It’s a highly polished stone, which adds to the elegant quality of the fireplace. Traditional decorating is also strongly influenced by English and French design, and these fireplaces are no exception. Rather than dominate the space, the hefty piece coordinates nicely with all the architectural elements of the room. What I love about fireplaces now, is the ease of operating them. Gone are the days of the wood-burning fireplace, now we have gas-burning fireplaces that provide all the same comforts but in a more convenient package, and also modern-day log burners.

Paris Cast Iron at

Here at Victorian Fireplaces, we provide a wide range of fireplaces for your every need. Visit our website and find a pre-made fireplace package to suit all your needs. No shipping charges apply.

I digress. No mention of the Petworth House is complete without a picture or two of its grand exterior garden and lake.

petworth house and gardens landscape

On my stroll across the landscape, I also came across the famous Dog of Alcibiades.

Famous Dog of Alcibiades at the Petworth House and Garden

This visit has been an educational one for me. Suffice to say, that this day ended up being the perfect place to spend a Saturday afternoon in. If you have pictures and stories to share, please write to us, at We’ll be happy to feature them on our page.

Fireplace Benefits for Your Home

: 28/06/2021 : 0
Everybody would love to have the beautiful look of a fireplace at their home but not all homes come equipped with this feature. A fireplace is one of the valued and favourite things people can possess in their home and it is easy to install one.

There is a big difference between the warmth provided by central heating and a fireplace. A fireplace provides space to gather with family and friends, take a nap, and countless other activities to enjoy.

Once you have installed a fireplace in your house, you wouldn't want to give it up. Regardless of a standard fireplace or an electric fireplace, there are various advantages to having one in your house. Their architectural aesthetic appeal can make any home come lively and attractive.

Wood-burning traditional fireplaces are an ageless and classic addition to your home meanwhile direct-vent gas fireplaces are unique as they don't require a chimney to vent out.

Some Key Reasons Why You Should Have A Fireplace In Your House:

-Provides your home with a Comfort Zone
Fireplaces always create a comfortable feeling in your house. No matter how good the heating system is, they usually leave some drafty areas in your bedrooms and living room. Fireplaces provide additional warmth which ensures that your home is warm and cosy without stretching your heating bill.

-Energy Efficient
Fireplaces can be a primary heating source
for your home as every homeowner wants low electricity costs. A hearth in the living area of the house and bedrooms can provide enough warmth with a low-cost purchase of firewood.

-Decor Element
When it comes to in house decorations, several items can help you with that and a fireplace is one of those. People always gather around a warm and inviting fireplace set up in the living room, family room or ding room to enjoy.

At Victorian Fireplace we can help you choose different pieces of architecture to set up in your house by your taste.

-Warmth in Power-cuts
Electricity often goes out when a winter storm hits and even in summer, some nights are chilly. If you have a fireplace, you can keep warm and have enough light when other people are waiting for the utility company to restore the power.

Over the past few years, many homeowners seem to have forgotten the value of how fireplaces can prove to be the entire feel of a room. It is the ability of a fireplace that can convert your room's interior design.

Many people need help while choosing a fireplace that matches their requirements. Should they opt for an electric, gas or wood-burning fireplace? We at Victorian Fireplace have a wide variety of high-quality wood-burning fireplaces and stoves.

Can you add a fireplace to the existing home?
    • For the easiest installation, choose a direct-vent gas fireplace. You can install it on any exterior wall and it will vent directly out the back.
  • For a wood-burning fireplace in your living room or dining room, all you need is some space above to get a chimney up through the roof.
For any queries, Feel free to contact us at any time and we will be happy to assist you with your needs and requirements or Call 01522 246780.

Cast Iron Fireplaces

: 23/06/2021

Victorian Fireplaces range of Cast Iron Fireplaces is a popular choice due to their exquisite and intricate designs. Cast iron fireplaces are very cost-effective and long-lasting fireplace suitable for most decors. Perfect for any room in the home, cast fireplaces are perfect for anything.

Limestone Fireplaces

: 17/06/2021

At Victorian Fireplaces, we stock many limestone fireplaces that include some very popular styles from the Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian periods. All of our limestone fireplaces are made from Agean Limestone, off-white colour with unique and beautiful characteristics ensuring that every limestone fireplace is completely different.



Wood Fireplaces

: 13/06/2021

Wooden fireplaces create the warmth and homely feel every home needs to be complete. Our range of wooden fireplaces we believe is one of the finest and most comprehensive in the country, encompassing the finest timers and traditional manufacturing methods.

Victorian Fireplaces are proud to still retain our wooden fire surround manufacturing in the UK. Our range of wooden fireplaces are packages we have put together combining popular cast iron inserts and wooden fire surrounds. Of course, any of our packages can be mixed and matched to create the perfect fireplace for you.

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