MagiflameTM - No more wasted money up the chimney!

The Magiflame Alchemy produces 2-4kw of heat. By comparison, gas and electric produces 1-2kw. With a traditional decorative gas fire you can typically expect a low efficiency, but the biggest problem is the loss of over 90% of the heat, which goes straight up the chimney. In fact, if the 15 million flued gas fires in Britain were replaced with a Magiflame alternative the country would save approximately 23,500,000,000 kilowatts of gas, worth £1,600,000,000!

Whilst the Magiflame Alchemy is 100% fuel efficient, if you are considering purchasing one to add life to a grate whilst you entertain or relax and you are not seeing it as a heat source, then of course there are no restrictions to the amount of style and life a Magiflame can bring to a room!