MagiflameTM - no smoke, no fumes. Just air.

If your fireplace has a flue you can close it to keep the draughts out or if your flue has been blocked up for some time, you do not need to unblock it. Just pop the Magiflame Alchemy into your grate, and you’re ready.

The Magiflame Alchemy fire does not need a flue as it does not produce any toxic fumes. At all. It also does not need an air brick to provide ventilation, however we recommend you keep a door or window ajar to provide a steady flow of fresh air.

If you have a room which is crying out for the focal point of a beautiful fireplace, now you can install a grate into a false chimney breast (or cut into an old one) and use a Magiflame Alchemy fire instead. No one need know that your period feature is a recent one.

The Magiflame Alchemy fire comes in two sizes, which fit our fireplaces perfectly but if you are retro-fitting to an existing new or period grate, please measure the space, calling us if you are unsure. We are also able to offer you a bespoke Magiflame Alchemy fire; please contact us for details.