MagiflameTM - Real Fires without the hassle

Fake flames can look like imposters. No-one is fooled by a pretend flame which doesn’t look warm. You can’t beat a real flame; they dance and flicker in the grate, drawing you in so you can sit and lose yourself in the shapes and colours. Few can resist the time-old appeal of a real fire as it welcomes you near.

The Magiflame Alchemy fire creates a wide line of flames which will behave as if they are fuelled by wood or coal. The only difference is that you will not need to stoke the embers as the flame remains constant. They will also provide heat, but more efficiently so. You won’t miss the ash or dust, either.

Perhaps you have a redundant but beautiful fireplace or grate and you tire of filling it with unconvincing candles. Perhaps you would love to light a fire when you are entertaining or at times such as Christmas but you don’t have the wood, coal or the knack. Or perhaps you would love to fit a grate to your bathroom so you can bathe by firelight. Whatever your situation, wishes or dreams, a Magiflame Alchemy fire may well provide the answer.