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What is Shopsafe?

Shopsafe is a security initiative introduced by us at Victorian Fireplaces to help ensure your safety whilst using our website. We take security very seriously and we understand that sending information via the internet can be unsafe if the correct precautions are not inplace. Shopsafe security precautions have been put in place by us to protect you and your identity.



Our website is secured using industry standard security and we are always happy to help you if you experience any problems. However we can only provide half of the solution. You must also take some precautions to ensure you are secure when shopping online. Below is a guide on making your online shopping safe and secure.


Our Security

We use a 128 bit encryption across a comodo secure socket layer (SSL) This is an industry standard security measure - used by banks, retailers and online grocers. An SSL is a means of transfering data from one computer to another whilst encoded to ensure that it cannot be read whilst travelling. This includes personal information like - credit card details, name and address.


Check for Security

When you log on to your account or go to purchase goods, you are placed into a secure enviroment where your data in encoded.

You can check that you are within a secure area when on our website by looking for the padlock shown in your browser. below are a few examples of what to look for.

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox


You can also click on the padlock to confirm the SSL certificate.


Safely using and the Internet

To help you, below are the precautions you should take when shopping online.

Keep your password(s) safe

Don't write password(s) down or store them on your computer

Don't give your password(s) to anyone else. Victorian Fireplaces will never contact you asking for passwords.

Do change your password(s) immediateley if you believe someone else knows it.

Use a secure password

When choosing a password it a must that you choose what we call a 'strong' password. this is a password which is between 6 - 15 characters using a mix of letters and numbers. Aviod using passwords which could be easily guessed like the name of a family pet or your Birthday. But most importantly use something you will remember.

Always log off

when you have finished with our website or any others ensure you log off from the website before you close the browser and turn the computer off especially if it is a public computer. This will prevent other people from gaining access to your account.

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