What is Bioethanol?

Bioethanol in a nut shell is a sustainable fuel which is typically manufactured from the waste by-product of renewable crops.

Bioethanol - a neutral ecological balance

Bioethanol Fireplace Benefits

Flueless Burning

Bioethanol fires do not require a chimney like a normal gas or solid fuel fire. They can literally be placed anywhere either indoors or outdoors. When burnt bioethanol produces heat, a small amount steam and an even smaller amount of carbon dioxide, in fact the carbon dioxide emitted is only the equivalent of 2 burning candles!

100% Efficient

When a normal fireplace has a normal open chimney over a third of the rooms' heat can be lost up the chimney. Because bioethanol fireplaces don't need a chimney all the heat of the room stays in plus the added warmth from your bioethanol fireplace.

The biggest benefit of all – Saving the planet!

Bioethanol is renewable and sustainable; there really is nothing more to it than that! Stop burning fossil fuels today and invest in our future.

Why haven't I heard of it before?

To us in the UK bioethanol is a rather unheard of fuel source; this is due to the lack of publicity that the fuel receives. In fact we use bioethanol virtually every day. Bioethanol is added to petrol as an additive to help reduce the amount of oil consumed, the current use is approximately 5% which is set to increase in the future. There are some cars available which run on a mix of bioethanol called E85 which consists of 85% ethanol and 15% petrol, however there are unfortunately limited pumps to use.

Whilst rather unknown in the UK, bioethanol is an eco friendly fuel which has been widely adopted by countries all over the world. In fact Brazil is the largest consumer and one of the largest producers of bioethanol. It is considered to be the world's first sustainable biofuel economies with around half of the countries vehicles running on bioethanol.

We haven't seen it as an option for heating due to the lack of support and knowledge within the fireplace industry which is set to change as more and more retailers become aware of the huge benefits over traditional fossil fueled fireplaces.

Bioethanol fireplaces are available from a large number of retailers already and have also been adapted to work within traditional fireplaces and grates by Magiflame so even your old fireplace can be retro fitted with a 100% efficient environmentally friendly fireplace.


As with any open flame, whether it is bioethanol, gas or solid fuel there is an inherent danger. But the danger is reduced by careful use and following instructions. Your fireplace manufacturer should provide you with thorough instructions on the use of your fireplace.

Our fuel is supplied in tamper proof bottles and we have also teamed with bioethanol fireplace manufacturers and safety pioneers Magiflame to supply a purpose built pump for easily decanting your fuel into the fireplace of your choice.

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