How to mix and Match Fireplaces

Nearly every component of the Fireplaces on our website change be interchanged to create the fireplace that is perfect for you.

Typically a fireplace is made up of 3 main components, these are:

The Hearth

The foundation that every thing will sit upon.


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The Insert

The piece which normally displays most of the decoration.

Arched InsertTiled Insert

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The Surround

The final piece which holds everything together.

Wooden Surround

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If you look at out components section of the website you will see that there are enough different components to potentially make over 320,00 different combinations and that figure is growing all the time! Now such a wide choice can sometimes be dangerous but wouldn't you rather have something that is perfect, than the only thing you could find?

Once you have an idea of which components you like you can start to see which ones will work together in terms of sizes.

How to work out the sizes

All of our product pages have dimensions which you can use to work out what will work, the most important things to remember are:

  • The width between the legs of the mantel must be less than the width of the insert and greater than the width of the detail on the insert.
  • The height of the underside of the mantel frieze must be higher than the detail on the insert and less than the overall height of the insert.
  • Typically the hearth is the same width and the mantel.

Sometimes it may be best to talk to us when you are trying to mix and match just to be 100% certain that everything is compatible. You can call us on 01522 536373 and we will always be willing to help.

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