How to repair dents in wooden fireplaces

If you ever have an accident and your wooden surround is left with a dent - all is not lost as 90% of the time it can be repaired.

Repairing a wooden surround is pretty straight forward and relies upon water. The water swells the wood up and simply pops the wood back out. This method will only work though on dents which have not caused the wood to splinter or split.

First of all you will need to gather a couple of items.

  • A small cup of hot water
  • Your favourite brand of toilet paper.
  • Some wax for finishing (we use Fiddies Supreme Wax - Stripped Pine Colour)

Once you have all your items together follow these steps:

  1. 1. Prepare the damaged area to make sure it is clean from dust and debris
  2. The Dent

    The Dent!

  3. 2. Tear off a couple of sheets of toilet paper

  4. 3. Screw the toilet paper up and dip it into the hot water being very careful to not burn yourself
  5. Dip the paper

    Dip the Paper

  6. 4. Place the wet paper onto the dented area and hold it there for around 20 - 30 seconds (this all depends on how deep the dent is)
  7. Hold it onHold it on

    Hold it onto the dented area

  8. 5. Remove the wet paper and dry the area off quickly.
  9. It's magic - the dents have gone! (nearly)

    It's magic - the dents have gone! (nearly)

  10. 6. You should notice that the dented area has raised - if not repeat steps 2 - 5.

  11. 7. Let the wooden surround dry for approximately 24 hours.

  12. 8. Once dry just wax the area you have repaired using the technique found in the waxing section

  13. 9. You can now stand back and admire your handy work, the dents will no longer be there!
  14. Dents are gone!

    As if by magic the dents are gone...

    Dents are gone!

    As if by magic the dents are gone...

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