June 2021

  1. Fireplace Benefits for Your Home

    Fireplace Benefits for Your Home
    Everybody would love to have the beautiful look of a fireplace at their home but not all homes come equipped with this feature. A fireplace is one of the valued and favourite things people can possess in their home and it is easy to install one. Continue reading →
  2. Cast Iron Fireplaces

    Cast Iron Fireplaces
    Victorian Fireplaces range of Cast Iron Fireplaces is a popular choice due to their exquisite and intricate designs. Cast iron fireplaces are very cost-effective and long-lasting fireplace suitable for most decors. Perfect for any room in the home, cast fireplaces are perfect for anything. Continue reading →
  3. Limestone Fireplaces

    Limestone Fireplaces
    At Victorian Fireplaces, we stock many limestone fireplaces that include some very popular styles from the Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian periods. All of our limestone fireplaces are made from Agean Limestone, off-white colour with unique and beautiful characteristics ensuring that every limestone fireplace is completely different. Continue reading →
  4. Wood Fireplaces

    Wood Fireplaces
    Wooden fireplaces create the warmth and homely feel every home needs to be complete. Our range of wooden fireplaces we believe is one of the finest and most comprehensive in the country, encompassing the finest timers and traditional manufacturing methods. Continue reading →

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