Are you the proud owner of a stunning Victorian house, longing to enhance its charm and warmth? Look no further! At Victorian Fireplaces we have carefully selected Fireplace Packages designed to give you inspiration to transport you back in time while adding modern comfort and functionality to your home.

At Victorian Fireplaces we stock a wide range of fireplace surrounds, fireplace mantels, inserts, chambers, tiles, hearths and accessories and created combinations to craft distinctive centrepieces for your living area. By purchasing the full fireplace package we can combine items into one delivery giving savings to the overall price and you don’t need to shop around getting different items from multiple suppliers.

Our extensive array of choices opens up a world of creative potential. Whether your preference leans toward contemporary, traditional, or a personalized design, find something within our range of fireplace packages that harmonizes flawlessly with your room's desired ambiance. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, the combinations are endless, please contact us and we can price up your bespoke fireplace package.

What do you need to build the perfect Fireplace?

A fireplace consists of several components, which when combined together provide the style, warmth and atmosphere you want for your home. Whether you are replacing or building a complete new fireplace or just looking to upgrade one of the components, here is a beginner’s guide to what you are looking for.

Fireplace Surround - also known as the mantelpiece, is the decorative structure that sits above and the sides of your fireplace opening. Typically made of wood, stone, marble or cast iron. The mantel provides a shelf to display items as well as redirecting heat from the fire into the room.

Hearth - A fireplace hearth is the area directly in front of and around a fireplace or stove where the fire is contained. Its main purpose is safety, providing a protective barrier between the fire and the surrounding flooring or combustible materials. A hearth can be made from a variety of materials, including tile, slate, granite, limestone or brick.

Insert – typically made of cast iron, an insert sits inside the fireplace surround to create a traditional Victorian Fireplace. Cast iron inserts are available in various arched and tiled styles. Suitable for most fuel types and supplied with a back, a decorative plate placed against the back wall of a fireplace.

Fascia – a fireplace fascia is a flat panel, typically made of cast iron or stone that can sit against a flat wall, designed to be used with gas or electric fires to offer the look of a traditional fireplace but having the option of being used with a modern convector gas fire for more heat and better efficiency.

All fireplace packages can include a gas or solid fuel fire as an optional extra, with some ranges also having an electric fire available.

Packages available at Victorian

We have carefully curated a range of fireplace packages featuring traditional cast iron inserts, granite hearths and a selection of different surrounds, including:

  • 1. Limestone
  • 2. Marble
  • 3. Wood, including our exclusive range of designs made in the UK
  • 4. Cast Iron

We also stock a large range of hearths so if granite isn’t what you are looking for then we can combine any hearth from our extensive range.

Don't miss the opportunity to bring the romance and sophistication of the Victorian era into your home. Elevate your living space with our cost saving Fireplace Packages today!