How to wax a wooden surround

Keeping your wooden surround in tip top condition is a simple process with a little TLC. Firstly you should avoid letting your wooden surround become wet and ensure that no hot cups of coffee or tea (your preference) are put on top to avoid getting the white ring.

Our solid pine mantels are stained using our own mixed water based stain using Van-Dyke Crystals. The wooden surrounds have 1 - 2 coats of stain depending upon the colour that needs to be achieved. The wooden surrounds are then left to dry before a hand wax finish using Fiddies Supreme Wax - Stripped Pine Colour

We would normally recommend that you lightly wire wool the surface using a 0000 grade wire-wool before applying a light coat of wax and buffing to your preferred shine. This should only need doing every 1 - 2 years or more often if you prefer to. After a few years the pine wooden surround will build up a patina which will look more like antique pine.

Step by step

These pictures were taken from our How to repair dents in wooden fireplaces guide. They only show a small area being waxed, but the same applies to a large area.


1. Apply wax to wooden surround

Apply wax to wooden surround

2. Rub the wax into the wooden surround

Rub Wax In

3. Buff the wax up using a circular motion to the preferred level of shine

Buff up the Wax

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