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  1. A 5 Step Guide to Cleaning Your Fireplace

    The thought of cleaning your fireplace does not have to leave you in tears! Neither do you need to shell out a whole lot of money to hire a professional cleaning service to come and clean your fireplace. All you need is determination, and a free afternoon. Cleaning your fireplace once every winter is an absolute must. Continue reading →
  2. DIY Tips & Tricks to Brighten Up your Decorative Fireplace

    “There is no place more delightful than one’s fireplace” - Marcus Jullius Cicera A fireplace is more than just a hearth, it is the heart of your home. The image of a log burning fireplace is associated with holidays and warmth, mugs of hot cocoa and cozy dinner parties. Fireplaces also add great production value to any home. Continue reading →

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